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I and millions of individuals suffer from the debilitating and misunderstood disease called fibromyalgia. Sadly there's another piece to her puzzle which included Lupus, autoimmune disease that causes further complications. Like millions I battle both of these illnesses and I seek to give patients the strength, and courage to fight these illnesses with success.  

I often says "It's easy to become your diagnosis", however you have to be willing to fight and take control back over your life. There are many days I feel like giving up, but I keep a purple butterfly, ribbon and a picture of my kids to remind me how important it is for me to be fight. 

What I need everyone to know is there is HOPE and within hope there is faith, courage, and strength. Fibromyalgia fighters are brave and unique and yes we all suffer differently. There are different strands of fibromyalgia which can include mild, moderate and severe cases that is indeed debilitating for many fighters.

Lupus also is extremely debilitating and is life threatening if not properly diagnosed and treated. Lupus is a autoimmune disease that attacks your immune system. This disease attacks healthy cells and tissue leaving patients dreadfully ill. Having both fibromyalgia and lupus is a challenge beyond belief, yet it is not impossible to "thrive to survive" one day at a time. 

The purpose of FLNA is to help educate, teach, and become a community based organization. We are a recognized by the internal revenue service (IRS) as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit.  We help to promote fibromyalgia, lupus awareness and their overlapping conditions. Further we work diligently to help educate caregivers, healthcare professionals, families and friends  about fibromyalgia and lupus. We will commit to hosting chronic pain conferences, community walks,  and sponsoring programs to help patients learn more about nutrition, medications, leadership, financial planning, and taking care of yourself without feeling guilty. We do advocate on behalf of millions of fibromyalgia as well as lupus patients and help fund fibromyalgia and lupus scientific research.

My goal is to help fibromyalgia and lupus fighters manage themselves personally and professionally as well as provide accurate information regarding these chronic illnesses and its related diseases. Having the correct information is the key to helping fighters, and caregivers to manage fibromyalgia and lupus successfully.

Please join us in our passion for making a difference, and getting lives back on track!  Thank you for visiting our website we deeply appreciate you and your support.  

In Heath & Wellness,
R. Denise Dunn



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